I used to be one of the boys.. a person who doesn't like babies, dogs,cats, or any type of pet.. I never knew how to cook. ANd now.. I am a stay at home mom and these are my adventures..

Sunday, December 23, 2007
1. Just now, I was sitting in front of the pc.. I heard Joshua laughing. He was in the playroom, alone, watching Dora. His laugh was the laugh he makes when he's being tickled.. So I went and checked why he was laughing so hard...I saw him ho;ding a small broom.. I bought one for him coz he's always getting my broom and keeps on sweeping everything.. even the beds..
So, I told him to do what he was doing again.. ayun,, he was laughing so hard because he was tickling his neck..hehehe

2. One time, I farted, Joshua suddenly said... Daddy? and then he looked around.. hahahaha!!!

3. There was also this one time.. we were all wlaking towards the store... It was early morning and there was dog poop on the street. We warned Joshua about the poop! We said.. 'O joshua! u-u!!'.. and then he said.. U-u daddy? hahahaha!!!

ayun lang muna.. hehehe funny stories naman dba.. hahaha!!!

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Sunday, December 9, 2007
we went to the mall today to buy gifts this Christmas.. grabe ang bilis namin and hindi talaga ako makapaniwala.. 2 hours for almost 20 kids..hahaha!!! ang galing! anyway.. we bought an elmo stuiffed toy for joshua because he keeps on getting the minnie mouse stuffed toy of reese..hehehe
nung nakuha niya.. natuwa naman.. hehe,, parang kinilig pa siya..
wala kami katulong so we left the kids with tita pepot again.. hehe..
si joshua may kalokohan nanaman.. he went to the house of tita len.. kasi duplex house nila.. and he played bowling.. he used a ball and guess what he used as pins....
yung mga santo ni tita len sa may hagdan! hahaha!
aakyat sha sa top ng stairs and then papagulong yung bola down the stairs.. tapos sumigaw pa daw ng STRIKE!! hahaha! tapos uulitin pa daw.. sabi na ni tita len.. enough na joshua! hehehe..

ang kulit talaga ni joshua..

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Friday, December 7, 2007

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
i saw this from my sister,, janjan

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Saturday, December 1, 2007" quality="best" bgcolor="#000000" width="340" height="240" name="widget" align="middle" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""
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We went to rObinson's Nova today because Dora the explorer was going to be there. The shows were scheduled 2pm and 4pm.. We were going to attend the 4pm show.. Unfortunately.. we were late... We arrived a little past 4 but the show was almost over when we got there...
sad..sad.. We were hoping to take pictures with Dora and Boots.. but they only let the kids in the kiddie area have there pictures taken.. Although I was very willing to let Lyka and Joshua go through the side railings so they can get inside the area for kids.. hehehe... but John didn't let them coz there were lots of people daw.. there were lots of people nga but kaya ko yun if he let me.. hehe.. haaay... nalate kasi kami... but we were there on time naman.. oh well..
I'm sure there would still be a next time..
At least now we know that when it comes to events like this, we should be there early . So we can get the kids in place na.. hehehe..

O diba.. may lesson learned pa kami.. hehehe..

**you can see the pictures in my album in multiply.. hehe or just click HERE

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