I used to be one of the boys.. a person who doesn't like babies, dogs,cats, or any type of pet.. I never knew how to cook. ANd now.. I am a stay at home mom and these are my adventures..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
I was helping reese fall asleep for her nap while john was cooking lunch and yaya had to buy something from the store..

before that.. i already told joshua to stop playing with the blanket..

when reese just fell asleep.. joshua suddenly let out a cry.. and i knew something happened to him.. i went out of the bedroom and was trying to tell him not to cry to loud because reese might wake up.. when i asked him where he got hurt he showed me.. and it was near his eye! buti na lang talaga hindi sumabit mata niya! hay naku!!!!
anyway.. he had a small cut near his eye.. parang buksingero lang .. i told him to sit down and wait for me so i can get ice.. he sat down.. when i came back.. he was still sobbing..i put the ice cube in the lampin and put it on his booboo.. and he stopped crying and he said.. you got ice mommy? thangchs, you got ice for me mommy.." hehe.. then he was sobbing again..

after a while he asked me to put band aid.. i told him.. it's too small.. he said,, oh it's (the band aid) only for the finger? hehe.. i said yes.. we don't have a band aid for that.. and it's getting better already, josh.. and then he laughed a little and he said.. oh it's getting bettah.. hehehe... it's getting better...

ang kulit ni joshua noh? haha!

bakit sha nagkasugat?...
he was playing with the stool pala.. he put it upside down and tumama ung foot ng stool sa kanya ..ayun..kakulitan...


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