I used to be one of the boys.. a person who doesn't like babies, dogs,cats, or any type of pet.. I never knew how to cook. ANd now.. I am a stay at home mom and these are my adventures..

Sunday, April 27, 2008
ang saya ko!
i was able to take a nap! for two hours!

i am so grateful for my family..
if not for them.. i wouldn't be able to take this nap..
for tita elle, for getting reese when she woke up from her nap..(magkatabi kasi kami sa bed)
and for my cousins(kiko,ghello,ezar at jr), for playing with and looking after joshua..

tomorrow is the start of another week of 'puyatan!'

o dba parang nanalo ako ng award! haha!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
i want to write a blog but i have so many stuff i want to write about and i don't know which one to start with...
hmmm..let's see..

let's start with commuting.. i have been going to school for almost three weeks now and last week was my worst commuting experience.. i ahd to go to school early last friday, so i went to the terminal. i was there at 9:30.. half of the covered court was filled with people waiting in line.. i got to ride an available fx after an hour of standing and waiting.. instead of looking fresh.. i looked like my day was already ending..for the first time in my life, i am really feeling more like a student.. because of my commuting. i'm a cab girl.. now turned FX girl coz our house is far.period.(i'm not complaining ..i'm just sharing my thoughts..)

quiz almost everyday.. i know that i am taking summer classes which means the discussions are more compressed and we have little time.. so quiz almost everyday... buti na lang pumapasa..

bad trip with a prof.. i don't like one of my teachers very much. she is biased and i don't like her.. looks like she doesn't like me also.. i don't long as i'm acing her quizzes.. lol!!!
what can she do...

time with my kids.. i am trying to spend as much time as possible with my babies.. i seem to always have something to read/ review/ study.. tsk tsk..

sleep.. i lack sleep...need i explain more?

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Friday, April 11, 2008
hehehe.. .ang tagal ko na ding hindi nagblog.. anyway.. ito na ang mga nangyayari sa akin..which is not much... this week i started school again.. hehehe..totoongtawa yan kasi natatawa talaga ako.. natatawa ako na naka uniform ako ulit at natatawa ako na after all these years, mararanasan ko din palang mag commute with matching long line and trike pa ulit bago makarating sa baguio kasi hindi naman totoong commute un eh.. it's walking at pag pagod ka nang magstroll.. magjeep ka na o cab.. at shempre cab ang sinasakyan ko..hehehe

about sa commute..first of all, taxi girl ako.. kung pwede i-taxi magtataxi,.., kaso naman ang layo talaga ng bundok namin kaya hindi kakayanin ng buidget at impractical talaga pag nag cab pa.. second, never akong nagtatrike.. ayoko mula nung higschool/ gradeschool ako kasi ang dami sa tv patrol (take note, tv patrol talaga hindi na lang sinabi na sa NEWS o sa BALITA..) noon na sinasabi na ni-rape o pinatay o ano pa ng mga trike drivers.. pero ngayon.. wala na akong pakialam.. hehehe.. nung monday walang class kasi holiday..
tuesday.. may orientation lang nung subject..
wednesday.. ganun din..
so parang unti-unti na nakakatamad diba..
thursday.. may errands kami ni john..
so after.. hinatid nila ako sa school.. naghintay pa kami ng oras.. nakabili pa nga ako ng book para sa class na yun eh..
pag dating sa school, sabi ng isa kong classmate wala si sir kasi may sakit ang anak...
friday.. may class... nasalubong ko ang prof nung day before.. at nalaman ko na nagclass pala kasi may substitute teacher! hayayay!!!!
hindi pala kami nakasama sa nyt out with tito boyet.. kasi may class ako tapos si john 10pm ang shift.. huhuhu..pero ok lang.. madami namang celebrations this april..
ayun lang ang nangyari,,
pag dating ko sila lola naghahanda papunta sa isabela kasi aalis sila mamayang 4am..
tapos dito naman sa haws.. sleep na mga kids..
ok naman..

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Monday, April 7, 2008
Ang tagal ko na palang hindi nagblog ng totoo..
the latest ...
1 si reese has teeth coming out .. lower and upper front teeth niya are coming out na..
2 my tito boyet is here in the Philippines for my cousin, chen cheng's grad
3 si joshua ay tumataba
4 i'm back to nursing! (hahahaha!!!)
5 i let reese wear shoes when we went out tosday to visit tita michelle's grave
6 reese has also taken her first steps already( pero shempre with me still holding her)

yan pa lang.. hehe.. next time na uolit ang dibdibang blog!

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