I used to be one of the boys.. a person who doesn't like babies, dogs,cats, or any type of pet.. I never knew how to cook. ANd now.. I am a stay at home mom and these are my adventures..

Monday, July 28, 2008
one night, i was hanging out with joshua in his playroom..
he put a cd in the player and it was already playing..
he was also playing with his matchbox which was a hummer...
suddenly he said.. pick up nangnang.. nini?
i said.. they're in the US josh..
he said.. ride the tricycle?
i smiled and said, we can't ride a tricycle anak. you need to ride an airplane..
again he said.. pick up nini , nangnang..and he just continued playing with his hummer...

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Monday, July 21, 2008
i'm supposed to be studying right now.. but instead, i'm checking on my webpages and reading blogs of people i know.. hay.

this blog is so boring.

huh?!?! joshua just woke up!!!

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